In my recent video episode, 5 Steps to More Effective Time Management, on Indy BizTV Shows, I mentioned I would share 30 “Bandit Busters” to help you eliminate your Time Bandits.  A Time Bandit is anything that seems to steal your time, such as, a new employee, a talkative vendor, the telephone, the Internet, inefficient office equipment, or even yourself.

Here’s the list of 30 “Bandit Busters:”

  1. Break down large projects, take “one bite at a time.”
  2. Prioritize and stay focused.
  3. Hold 5-minute daily priority meetings.
  4. Don’t overbook yourself.
  5. Delegate as much as you can.
  6. Set up a fixed daily routine for yourself.
  7. Share time-saving ideas with others.
  8. Avoid getting bogged down in “quicksand” issues.
  9. Set and meet deadlines for yourself and your employees.
  10. Divide large projects into tasks distributed to others.
  11. Don’t fragment your time. Finish what you start.
  12. Use natural interruptions of your work for break times.
  13. Institute a daily quiet time for yourself.
  14. Set “Do Not Disturb” times for uninterrupted work.
  15. Use “gatekeepers” to screen out Time Bandits.
  16. Consolidate telephone time.
  17. Plan phone calls.
  18. Set a “closed-door, open-calendar” policy.
  19. Don’t postpone unpleasant tasks.
  20. Use “idle” time productively (reading, listening to tapes).
  21. Eat lunch, but eat a light meal and no alcohol.
  22. Don’t work at home.
  23. Don’t be a perfectionist.
  24. Use your “prime” time for important tasks.
  25. Capture your great ideas and save them.
  26. Think, then act.
  27. Say “NO”
  28. Teach Time Management to your employees
  29. Audit your Time Management to improve it.
  30. Focus on results, not work.

There you have it!  30 tips to more effectively use your time and minimize the effect of Time Bandits in your life.  You will probably find that many, if not most, of the “Bandit Busters” are applicable to you.  But don’t try to implement too many of them all at once.  Choose the ones with the most impact and post them someplace where you’ll see them every day.  As you replace your unproductive old habits with new productive ones, select more “Bandit Busters” to implement and repeat the process.

If you would like help analyzing your time and finding your Time Bandits or if you would like to learn more about how to implement any of the time  “Bandit Busters,” schedule your free Business Breakthrough Coaching Session where we can work together to help you do the impossible – create more time for your life.