Coaching Outcomes

EMyth Coaching guides you through a process of structured business development in each of the
Seven Business Dynamics: Leadership, Branding, Finance, Management, Delivery, Sales, and Marketing.
Working in concert, these Dynamics create a single, high-performing system: your successful business.
Below are a few of the outcomes of EMyth Coaching.

As a result of working on…



you will:

Prioritize your time based on highest return and achievement toward goals.

Approach everyday business frustrations from a systemic view.

Clearly identify and articulate outcomes while holding yourself and others accountable for achieving them.

Focus with an articulated purpose toward the fulfillment of your ultimate vision.

Inspire and communicate your team to help you achieve your ultimate vision.

Identify and use tangible and intangible indicators to encourage objectivity, focus and effective decision making.

Lead with the right vision, action and spirit to produce a positive company culture.

Be an admired and respected role model for your employees.



you will:

Establish a baseline to measure improvement and forecast realistic revenue goals.

Reduce expenses and strengthen your balance sheet while pro-actively building cash reserves.

Separate your personal and business finances.

Confidently make decisions based on facts not assumptions.

Use hard numbers to compare your performance against the competition and to test business model ideas.

Create an annual budget and use it to guide business priorities in order to meet goals.

Organize your financial history and establish future forecasts that allow you to apply for business capital.

Establish a benchmark and track your achievement toward reaching optimal business value.

Determine and understand pricing strategies, proper expense management and profit margins to enhance your business and your bottom line.

Control current costs and accurately forecast future costs.

Build your corporate credit standing.



you will:

Determine your most effective marketing channels.

Create awareness and preference for your products and your company.

Effectively attract your target market‘s attention and compel them to respond.

Produce the qualified leads that will make lead conversion easier, less costly and more efficient.

Fine-tune your messaging to deliver a steady, controllable flow of new clients.

Track and evaluate the results of your advertising and lead generation activities.

Use the right channels, at the right time to effectively reach your preferred customer.

Use your market research to determine how to properly outsource specific lead generation activities.

Use the Internet and social media to attract your target market.






you will:

Develop a consistent business identity (logo, location, website etc.) that represents your company.

Create a strategy to attract more qualified customers.

Adjust marketing materials to properly engage your target market.

Identify who your best customers are, where they come from and why they do business with you.

Manage customer perceptions and behavior to increase lead conversion response.

Conduct regular market research to maintain a competitive advantage.

Identify profitable and achievable growth opportunities.



you will:

Develop a system for recruiting and hiring the right employees every time.

Set clear expectations that specifies the accountabilities and standards for each position in the business.

Develop a functional organizational chart that meets company objectives as you grow.

Create a work environment where your employees are motivated.

Attract highly qualified and motivated candidates.

Effectively delegate the work of your business allowing you to work in and on the business daily.

Create and manage projects using a results-based planning and assignment system.

Identify, train and develop future leaders and managers in your company.

Establish management policies that protect your intellectual and physical property.



you will:

Build a high-volume sales system capable of converting every possible opportunity into revenue.

Satisfy your customers‘ decision-making needs- both the emotional ones and the logical ones.

Align your selling systems with the needs of your prospective customers so that ”yes“ becomes inevitable.

Grow the size of your client base by systematically using referrals and success stories.

Create lifetime customers and brand evangelists, not just one-time sales.

Establish sales goals and track the effectiveness of your sales system.

Establish a sales system that creates a systems-dependent not people-dependent business.

Identify and track the key indicators associated with your lead conversion activities.



you will:

Create the systems that result in predictable and powerful customer experiences.

Improve customer satisfaction by making promises that you know will be kept.

Systematically provide an exceptional experience at every customer touch point.

Institute a quality assurance system that supports your promise to your customer.

Find the quality leverage points in your business and institute control measures to secure them.

Develop a system for optimizing and streamlining your production resources.

Recognize quality from the viewpoint of your customer and your internal operations.

Understand customer expectations so that you can create even more value and exceed those expectations every time.


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