The Seven Dynamics

The Seven Dynamics—A New Perspective For Your Business

The Seven Dynamics are a powerful way of looking at any business ecosystem. As shown in the graphic, Leadership lies in the center, as the business is always an expression of its owner. The other six include three disciplines: Brand, Finance, and Management, and three activities: Marketing, Sales, and Delivery. Your business problems may show up at the level of activities: not enough sales, not enough leads, problems with delivery. While these are real problems, the EMyth perspective works to find the root of the problem. We want to avoid quick fixes that don’t create lasting change. When applied to your business, these seven dynamics work together to create a single, high-performing system—your successful business.

Here’s what you can expect when working with me, your EMyth coach, as we tackle these seven dynamics:


Leadership is defined as heading a group or organization. You started your business based on a vision and passion. Now it is time to learn how to instill that vision into your staff, to continually come up with innovative ideas that grow your business, and discover how to become an admired and respected role model for your employees.



Finance measures whether your business is heading in the right direction. Know when it’s time to change course and build cash reserves.



Management sounds like it’s about people, and it is, but it’s equally about the systems people need to do their jobs well. It’s about creating a workplace based in self-responsibility, where workarounds, kicking the can and not having the right tools are a thing of the past.



Once the sale has been made, learn how to enhance customer satisfaction and systematically provide the same positive experience every time.



Sales is the lifeblood of your business. Find out how to build high-volume sales capable of being converted into revenue. Learn how to use tools that can track the effectiveness of your sales system and change leads into sales.



Learn how to identify your most effective marketing channels and use them to maximize your target market.



You will uncover the right message that consistently communicates what you want your customers, clients, and employees to think and feel about your business. Learn how to turn that message into revenue and growth opportunities.


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